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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tickets are BOOKED!

Thanks to all the generous people who donated us Aeroplan points, we were able to book our tickets for the Mongol Rally today.

We fly to London direct from Ottawa on the evening of Tuesday, July 11. That gives us some time across the pond to pick up the car, run some errands, have a few pints with some friends and get down to Goodwood for the camping on July 13 and the launch on July 14! 

I was super happy with the fact we could get a direct flight on the way there. 

However, booking a one-way flight back from Ulaanbaatar (on Aeroplan points!!) did not prove to be quite as nice. We have a roughly 35 hour trip on the way back: Ulaanbaatar --> Beijing --> Frankfurt --> London --> Ottawa

I think they threw London in there for shits and giggles because they do have direct flights from Ottawa to Frankfurt. Maybe Air Canada will take pity on us and change our flight path when we get to the airport in August. Here's hoping!

Oh well, I'm sure that after Sebastien and I spend 6 weeks and 10,000 miles driving together we'll be more than happy to spend another 35 hours in a confined space. Really, it will be the lap of luxury -- we won't have to drive ourselves and there will be in-flight entertainment! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

While the flight back may be a bit painful, my bank account is extremely happy with this Aeroplan point action. We only paid about $1200 in taxes and fees for the two of us for all of our flights.

Considering the one-way flights to London were trending in the vicinity of $1200/ticket per person, I feel really good about it!

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