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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our funkmobile

One less thing to do for the Rally - we bought a sweet 2003 Suzuki Wagon!

I know, right now you are wondering why you too don't have flowers and butterflies adorning your vehicle!

We had tried bidding on a few cars on ebay, and were foiled at the last minute by people out-bidding us. There were a few more ads we looked into, but by the time we contacted people, the cars were sold.

So, when we saw this lovely vehicle come up on Autotrader, we called the dealership right away!

I chatted quickly with Arif at A Cars in Luton, and he assured me the wagon was in good condition. He also agreed to store it for us until July!

Within a few minutes the deal was done! We'll be united with this beauty in July, and hopefully she'll get us to Ulaanbaatar in one piece.

My friend pointed out to me that cars that have names usually end up running better and lasting longer. With that in mind, we're now taking suggestions for what we should name our blue beauty. Be creative!

This post couldn't end without a big thanks to those who have contributed to raising the funds for our car so we don't have to pay it all out of pocket! 

My sister Meena organized a speed-dating event event in February, and she's organizing another one for this month! 

And my lovely family members David and Sarita also donated a generous chunk of change to help finance our car. In return, they will have a decal on our car with a picture of their family, and reassurances from Sebastien and I that we will do everything that we can to dissuade their children from ever undertaking any kind of adventure as crazy as this one. Thanks guys!!

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