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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Ger-eat Outdoors

Gabby (Aussie friend of the Roos and also our friend now!) was working in Ulaanbaatar and had organized a weekend away a few hours out of the capital in a national park with a bunch of other Aussies. They were kind enough to invite us along to relax, spend some time in nature and sleep in a ger camp which we thought was a fitting way to spend one of our last days in Mongolia.

After a two hour bus ride - where one person got his ipod stolen, another got pickpocketed and I fell asleep on the shoulder of a random Mongolian lady while holding her baby's diaper bag - we arrived here!

Our ger camp - called Heaven's Envoy - which sounds culty but was cool

Our ger!

We went to the Ger camp and it was awesome! We were all so tired that it gave us a good chance to relax and be lazy. We spent time napping and lazing on the grass while some of the others went geocaching (like hunting for treasure using GPS). I had never heard of this, but apparently it is popular and they found two caches!
Relaxing at the ger camp

Sebastien and I, along with one of the girls went horse-back riding. There are horses everywhere in Mongolia, so it’s one of those things we figured we had to do. Sebastien was a regular Genghis Khan, tromping all over the hills while I had the guide lead me, and spent most of the time remembering why I don’t like horseback riding. Nonetheless it was still fun!

At the end of our ride

Enjoying a beer after a long day ;)

The ger camp had organized a huge bonfire for us, so we sat around and talked smack until it died down a bit. 

It was a big fire! Photo courtesy of Rhys

Sebastien, Ben and I were out for the count so we headed back to our ger while the others hit the Chinggis Khan vodka like champs. The boys got the wood fireplace in the ger going so it was nice and toasty, and we slept like babies –until about 3am when the fire died and we ran out of firewood.

Men make good fire

All in all, it was another lovely day in Mongolia.

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