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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's so crazy, after planning for the Rally for almost a year - finally we are here and it's all becoming a reality!

We had a good flight over - the plane was half full so there were lots of places to stretch out and sleep. Our cab driver was really friendly and very intrigued once we told him about the Mongol Rally. He promised he would advertise us on his Facebook and said he was very good at marketing!

My cousin Nithya is kindly playing both hotel proprietor and tour guide. The location of her place is awesome for walking around. She had to work, but dropped us off for some food at the George, which apparently is London's only surviving galleried coaching inn. I don't really know what that means, but the signs told us that Dickens and Shakespeare used to hang out here, so we thought it was a decent place to try.

We decided to sample the "local" cuisine and eat some pub food. Delicious fish and chips and pie, but I don't think I need to eat boiled, flavourless vegetables for a while.

We went for a little walk over the London Bridge and looped back over the Tower Bridge, which is looking all fancy for the Olympics.

We experienced many seasons of weather here in one day - alternating between sunny, hot, cold, windy, rainy or some combination of all of them. 

Sebastien knows how much I love jumping pictures, so he came up with the brilliant idea of doing a jumping photo log. I will take a jumping picture every day (could be of me or of him, or with both of us, or with other people, anything goes) and then I'll compile them at the end of our trip. Jumping to Mongolia! Here's Day 1 - London!

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  1. Great Aruna!!! Enjoy a lot!! Good luck on your trip and keep us updated :)